Edward Walton Wilcox

When the anxieties of this world become too severe and my abilities to navigate the advances and subsequent demands of this technological age fail me, I create for myself an instrument of retreat, a reflection pool for the mind. It is there that I withdraw to the twilight fields and amber vistas of my dreams. My paintings are the invention of my psyche, providing for the viewer an escape route from the snares and distractions of these calamitous times. My work takes many cues from nostalgic reflection. Referencing a past so heavily romanticized as to reach toward the ideal. These are imagined histories; a place where simplicity and an almost primitive nature converse with one¹s soul; a place where dreams open out onto a landscape of the unconsciousness drawing a well of emotions so often suppressed in the confusion of the present to otherwise not be experienced. To loose oneself in a painting is to arrest time itself. I think of them as lamentations of a lost paradigm that may have ever only existed in my mind.










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