Dannielle Hodson

 Realising that I can’t hide from life – I embrace it.

So then it is not what my work is about that is of importance- as that changes with circumstance, and circumstance is predominately influential. What is important to me is the origin of my creation:

Heart and my soul.

My work is merely the expression that needs expressing, the feeling that needs relieving or the words that I can not say. The processes of change and conditioning are omnipresent in my work. Fascinated by how my world is dictated to and how I dictate to it, both the giver and the receiver, I constantly question my transitory role as a human.

Even when I doodle I am sub consciously reacting to my environment. Abstract at first doodles are formed out of a single thread of automatic line and within those lines my minds content is revealed.

Like I said, I can’t hide. “

clown mask flying_goggles small_aversion swallow shoephone




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