Sonia Hensler

Sonia Hensler exists in total awe and appreciation of the carnival of life and love;
the wealth of riches and beauty present in every day and so seemingly
obvious to the open observer.  She worships at the opulent altar of fashion,
theatre, food and film; fun and frivolity are her sensory stimulation. 
Aspiring to these pleasures, she believes, is not an egoistical whim but
an acceptance of human desires.
Sonia supposes it is this openness and acceptance that informs her work –
striving for a direct transition from personality to page.
Highly stylized and occasionally uncompromising, she wishes her work to be playful, yet
provocative and hopefully it will lift your mood, or at least the corners of your mouth!
Her aims for a stupendous future include further exploration of the union between
more traditional graphical techniques and the potential offered by modern computer
programmes. This colourful collaboration promises some wonderful avenues of adventure!
Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Poland  (MA in Fine Art, 2007)
5 months Scholarship: Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK (Graphic Design, 2005)
Clients: TopShop, LOEWE, Daks London, Coco de Mer, The Wall Street Journal, Vilshenko, Bionda Castana, WMS Spear’s, Emap, Wendy Rowe etc
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