Victoria Soderstrom

I have a strong belief that within every human being lives a desire to express one’s self. Everyone has something to say, it’s just the means that vary. Some people speak using brushes and easels, others by voice, clothes or fists. My name is Victoria Söderström, I’m 28 years old and I speak with the help of photographs. I have a story to tell for anyone who wants to listen with their eyes.
I don’t capture moments, I create moments. With my photos I visualize psychological concepts such as decision making, perception, behavior and motivation. I’m interested in the human being, our inner worlds and how we are part of a society we constantly are being affected by.
Life'sAJourney_By_VictoriaSoderstrom Limitless_By_VictoriaSoderstrom PersonalChemistry_By_VictoriaSoderstrom TheFreedomOfChoice_By_VictoriaSoderstrom TheGreyMass_By_VictoriaSoderstrom TheWindUpWorker_By_VictoriaSoderstrom

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