Lucy Newton

Born and raised just outside West Calder I was
always fascinated by the flora and fauna of the surrounding countryside and
farmland. This love of wildlife has always stayed with me and now forms the
basis of almost all my artwork. When studying at art college I chose to
specialise in illustration and initially after graduating did some freelance
illustration work. This included work for the Sunday Herald after winning their
Political Portraits competition with a portrait of the first minister Alex
Salmond. I continue to do
illustration work however what I really love is the freedom that comes with
doing my own fine artwork. I find constant inspiration in nature and love
nothing more than playing with various media to try and capture just a fraction
of the beauty of my subjects. I work with a wide range of materials including
favourites such as watercolour, pencil and pen and ink but also more
occasionally monoprint, oilbar and collage. I do not attempt to document the
birds and animals in exact realism, but more to just express some of the
qualities and energy of the amazing natural world around us.

snowshoehare. gullonrowingboat. redstart raven nest.. leopard.



One thought on “Lucy Newton

  1. We went to Lucy’s exhibition at Waterstone House in Aberlady – some stunning watercolours of birds and animals – go to see it if you can.

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