My works are mainly related to the world of illustration and street art. 
I have developed my work stimulated by the creative environment of Barcelona´s underground culture, and in this city I’m realized the mayoral of my expositions and contacts.
I experiment with wood of all kinds, for which I have an absolute fixation, I recycle them and turn it into my canvas, using it´s knots and fibers in order to tell a story about a sensory world, with characters that fluctuate between disappointment, innocence, childness and wickedness.
Acrylics, inks, pens, markers and crayons are my basic painting elements, usually working on small format, mixed technique and a preference for black, white and red.
ofelia-with-koi-01-red hidden-tree-red tinta-roja01-red dreaming-the-water01-RED como-ratas-RED 13.02.22-mask+lanterns-red



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