Carley Cornelissen

I have strong feelings towards the way humans respect other living creatures, which has inspired me to use my work to highlight our influence on the environment. Each piece I create holds a special meaning, hidden in the flowers, the insects, birds or animals.

Most of my paintings contain images of endangered flora and fauna. I like to draw attention to how human interaction affects the environment, particularly the smaller creatures such as birds, bees and other insects. Birds are critical to the diversity of the planet, through seed dispersal leading to forest conservation, insect and rodent control and food sources for predators. Bees have also caught my particular attention as an endangered species due to the decline of such a small creature being able to create such a massive impact.

I use transfers in my work because I feel the image represents the fragility of the situation, it shows how endangered species are here but are also almost gone. I also like to incorporate colour and pattern into my work as it keeps my work hopeful and bright. I would like people to be inspired by my work, to feel that they can have a positive effect on the environment.

One balloon Shall we Black stilt and sky For a little while longer More dots than birds



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