Loic Zimmerman

Mostly busy with concept-art or 3D Character-Lead for movies, Loic is also developing his own body of work and has been part of numerous group exhibitions and publications.
His use of 3D for illustration and his “not so virtual” tattoo experiment got him to be named “Maya Master” by Autodesk in 2008, alongside with other awards and press coverage.
Loic was Senior Modeler on the hit video game “Heavy Rain” and was recently involved with Quantic Dream for some new PS4 development.
His first graphic novel, “The Black Rooster”, has hit the shelves in France in November 2012.
After 10 years focusing on 3D and using his experience as a concept and VFX artist, Loic has decided to welcome back some of the medias he had left aside, now mixing illustration and painting with 3D, photography and collage.
Clients/projects: IronMan3, Thor, XmenFC, True Grit, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Heavy Rain… Imagine FX, Science&VieJr, Autodesk, Alias, FantasyFlightGames, IDW …

 Binaural-II Binaural-III-hashtag BlueValentines broken-bad makingTime2 sonnen




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