Ivana Kutilkova

I am self-taught artist and illustrator from the Czech Republic. I love travelling and discovering new countries and languages and after living for 6 years in the UK I am finally settling down in a sunny Portugal. Nowadays I spent most of my time behind the drawing desk.

I have found art throughout my entire life to be essential to who I am and I am very passionate about it. It took me this whole time to realize that art is something I have to do, not only to express myself or to get better skill at drawing. It’s the key ingredient to what makes us humans, soul and mind. Art is the basic urge we experienced as cavemen or as children and it is the way of keeping us connected with our deeper self. I draw inspiration from nature, everyday feelings and from delicacy and tenacity of the female character.

 Embroiled_IvanKaK On the wind of Fall_IvanKaK Persephone_IvanKaK Red ribbon_IvanKaK the deed_IvanKaK






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