Unwell Bunny

Unwell Bunny is a Melbourne based mixed media graffiti artist. 2012 saw Unwell Bunny travel through Europe and settle in Amsterdam for six months where his hate for conservative un intelligent mass media advertising, was further inspired by the re introduction of mindless childhood cartoons. Euro Disney was in every Dutch Albert Hein supermarket chain and before you could say pop goes the weasel, a 12-year-old un healthy obsession with comic books arose.

‘Donald duck has never been a hero of mine, and yet my sub conscious is scatted with images of movie intros where manic colours of yellow, blue and red, burst into my conscious thought. They are polarizing colours that lash at your core, almost sickly, like the taste of lollies that you know aren’t good for you.’

This new body of work is a nod to the over saturated vandalism that is mainstream pop culture, screaming at consumers without a shred of decency or subtlety. Walt Disney used these very same subliminal tricks, to lure the minds of the young into his world of over sweetened fantasy. Bold, rich, luscious, perfectly formed visual language, that swept up a generation.

These days Disney is a brand, just like Kellogg’s, KFC, or Colgate, its a brand using creativity to sway people into buying its products, a world conceived a generation before, on somewhat greater idealized creative principles. What are you really buying, an idea, a sense of nostalgia, but ultimately a sense of nothing. As we delve into this over saturated nostalgia, I am well aware of one thing, it truly is a powerful brand of nothing.

Unwell Bunny is currently producing a new body of work, which began in Holland for a solo show in August. Unwell Bunny’s last solo show was held at the RTIST gallery in Melbourne in 2011. This will be Unwell Bunny’s 5th solo show.

9442_510536975634713_979365504_n 12116_497550010266743_2009175564_n 68928_534831066538637_763793612_n 190546_566965739991836_1977911728_n 307407_537572506264493_1558010477_n 379279_536052103083200_1470655111_n 385191_377652525678134_1149514826_n 529227_558863250802085_2133641933_n 544562_546654835356260_1441368704_n 737776_424176407653751_1046634992_o 933955_561830920505318_896916264_n 945491_375244815918905_1837310496_n






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