Marko Koeppe

Marko Köeppe is a graphic designer and artist who uses collage.

His artwork is made by the intention to show a new view, to increase the horizon.

To mix something together, to build up, create something different.

He really like the great old art, the wonderful paintings, sculptures and buildings. The early photography and the art of the last 200 years with their great modern artists and influences. Each time has it´s own style of new art and I think the form of the collage is one of the expression of our days, that shows how deep and compressed the time is today.There are all the possibilities available from the classics up to StreetArt.

There´s a proverb that a pic can tell more than hundreds words, so may be a collage can say more than hundreds words.

Likes to open up a new view, a new part of the horizon. There´s is always more, than one sight of each thing. Everything develops in the eye of the viewer, is another favorite proverb that leads him.

Using the analog equipment of the before digital time but most times he takes the digital equipment, to play a little bit with the eyes and the mind by triggering the audience’s imagination.

Think nothing is just black or white, and it´s nice to know that there is more than your own personal point.

Build a Woman - Cut and Glue ┬À Athene ┬À Daylight ┬À Crop Circle ┬À Your Lies Become You Crazy Woman - Lisa Lara Bella Fuck War Collage! Goya - Marquesa de Pontejos - Collage Marko Ko╠êppe Icon StreetArt Invasion 7 - Marilyn v1



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