Cristina Francov

Self-taught maker. At the age of fifteen begins giving life to her characters using experimental digital photography and mixed media through self-portraiture in most of her work (this practice up to date). In 2007 begins her Bachelor of Graphic Design at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes. A year later shows her first solo exhibition called “The Oniric Binnacle”, introducing her most incipient photographic works. She has participated showing pieces from different periods and topics in diverse national and international solo and collective exhibitions, among which stand several Contemporary Fairs in Italy, Germany and Spain; as in many online and printed publications, such as ABRAXAS International Journal of Esoteric Studies from London (Issue #1 and 2) and the frontcover plus feature of CUARTOSCURO, renamed mexican photography magazine (Issue #110).


34295_136401166378631_2536636_n 36422_136401026378645_3311071_n 36939_136400456378702_926580_n 182635_195162067169207_974726_n 281391_246614912023922_7711650_n 602875_550848618267215_985567930_n




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