Jacques & Lise

We are two creative lovebirds, graphic designers / illustrators from Belgium. Both with a strong nostalgic sense towards childhood memories, adventures and forgotten times. As much as possible we try to somehow reflect that feeling into our work.

The urge of being creative is something we both always had, even since we were kids.
It followed us and led us to something we truly love doing: creating and designing.

Our inspiration comes from all sorts of places, whether it is from taking little steps into the world and doing small city trips, or from the strong urge to collect old forgotten objects. As long as you keep an eye out, there’s almost always something interesting to see, think or talk about.

Since we are such nostalgic souls, most of our work is therefor also often a mix of old and contemporary styles and/or elements. We love visiting flea markets and get inspired by old books, the lovely color schemes of the illustrated covers and the wonderful printing techniques like linocut or screen printing. Even when designing digital, we still try to design and color in a way that resembles those techniques to create that sort of vintage feeling. Another thing we love doing, is to bring old forgotten illustrations back to life by adding in or giving them a new modern twist. It creates a sort of carefully blended clash of styles, that slowly has started to become one of the trademarks in our works.

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