MJ Lindo

MJ Lindo’s artworks translate a story through imagery and subliminal messaging using animals and motifs. They are stories told through the expressions of her womens faces and through the suggested motifs used in her paintings. While her art evokes emotion and wonder it often shares insight into a contemporary women’s story. It is up to the observer to put the pieces together of the story or emotion. MJ often works with a wooden canvas which ads a sort of strength and dimension to her paintings. It often leaves us with a feeling of transparency in her subjects.

MJ’s women are often seen to have hair that is illustrated in a way that ads movement to her paintings. It is a trait carried through her work that allows our eyes to move along the painting.

_MG_9787 _MG_9307 _J0A2197 _MG_9981 _MG_4877_JPEG_LOW RES _MG_9310







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