Kinga Britschgi

I am a Hungarian artist having been living in the United States since August, 1995 with my American husband and my 11 year-old son. Apart from my wonderful family I have two big passions in life: art and linguistics (and teaching both). I started my career as a language teacher but nowadays I tend to navigate more and more towards fine art. I got involved with digital art a long time ago and was introduced to Photoshop at version 6. I have been working with PS more seriously since 2002 (the release of PS 7). For a while it was merely a kind of relaxation for me between and/or during traditional art pieces. Because my art degree is in graphic design I was (and still am) creating lots of graphic type pieces for clients. There was a period in my life when I became so busy that I just could not justify spending 4-5 continuous hours in front of my easel so I started to work on smaller digital collages (a.k.a. composite works or photo manipulations) partly because I could always stop and restart them as time permitted.

Interestingly enough my traditional art style and my digital collage style are different. I love surrealism, magical realism and dark whimsy so needless to say I quickly fell in love with the photo manipulation genre. On the computer I almost always create narrative pictures: mostly figurative pieces (pictures with seemingly realistic elements in them), which in the end often result in surrealistic, mysterious images with lots of layers of meanings to interpret them. Also, all of my pictures (both traditional and digital) have a very deep personal connection to me; however I am very reluctant to reveal this connection to the public – I don’t think it is necessary for the viewers to know about it to be able to enjoy my art (if they do enjoy, that is). After all, an artwork’s interpretation consists of two equal parts: the first one comes from the artist’s intentions but the other – equal part! – is, how it is interpreted by the audience themselves.

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