Sunga Park

Amazing Architectural watercolours by Sunga Park:

50eeee9d21f639b93f772f9a45a2ae3d 914f951e96e79a7749aceb8dd144aa53 a1fea7b8e89e7099b9ac0a7c9a3aba45 b71c46f50e36cd4a7ef8257ad5a0cb15 f484a5ece4e3bde128d766ba1f9eab9a f8965dbae3490628cab71f83ee3e11dd




2 thoughts on “Sunga Park

  1. This is amazing, the artists brilliantly incorporates the nature of the medium of watercolour into the portrayal of his architecture. A lighter more flowy medium contrasting with the permanence of a building

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