Esme Dollow

Esme Dollow is a freelance artist currently studying Fine Art at Coventry University. Her interests lie deeply in psychology and the human figure and takes great influence from her research into the Freudian concept of ‘the uncanny’. She aims to create work that brings across a feeling of unease and curiosity, demonstrating this psychological impact on the viewer.

Experimenting previously with the idea of children’s dolls and their associated nightmarish qualities, she is now further developing her ideas of the uncanny into an unusual representation of portraiture. By purposely removing the ability to identify individuals by their features, the audience is made to look deeper into her paintings; questioning the unfamiliar situations that her subjects are in. She hopes to continue to expand on this theme in her future practice.

Additionally, her love of portraiture is also represented by her more photorealistic drawings (mainly referenced from sourced images). Although this body of work is more for personal progress, she considers her pencil drawings an important skill to continue to develop alongside her paintings.

For more work by Esme please go to:

'Detached' oil on paper 'Crazed' and 'Faceless' oil on paper 'Paloma Faith' pencil on paper 'Untitled 1' oil on wood block 'Untitled 2' oil on wood block 'Zachary Quinto' pencil on paper





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