Jeremy Wilson

Light and the absence of light: these themes dictate my visual choices and the conceptual morality of the characters portrayed in my images. The illumination in a painting can reveal–or conceal–the true nature of the subject’s action.

My characters are always unsettling, yet elegant, with something hidden in their gaze. They are concealing something, or at least omitting the full truth of their intent. My themes of fantasy and horror mesh seamlessly with the lighting–or lack thereof–and work to form the deception or illumination provided by the light. Often, in the dichotomy of light and darkness, light subtly prevails, illuminating a softly lit, yet gruesome scene, balanced with a calming atmosphere. In comparison the obscured lighting of a beautiful figure works to form the idea of possibly sinister intent or action, creating a constant conflict between light and dark.

The figures in these images live in a world of beauty polarized by dark choices and morality. There is an ever-present sense of deep foreboding waiting just out of sight. This dichotomy is at the center of all of my compositions and insights, executed with light and darkness.

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