Jenny Jacobsson

I am a conceptual photographer and digital artist, specializing in fashion and portrait photography. I love to create narrative, expressive and emotional imagery that make people feel that the impossible is possible. I’m an image constructor, meticulously crafting all details to often form realistic surrealism.

At the age of 31 I completely changed my life. I had spent 10 years within the academic world, getting a Master of Science within neurobiology and working at a DNA analysis company, when I decided to follow my heart and passion instead. I left my old career behind, and embraced the world of imagery by attending school for Professional Photography (Fotoskolan Göteborg). And I’ve never looked back.

I have a never-ending urge to come up with and tell stories through my photographs and am certainly drawn to cinematic imagery. I often get highly inspired by the location itself when building alternative stories to sceneries that goes hand-in-hand with the concept and styling. Growing up on the Swedish countryside open landscapes, woods, and nature were always present and I’ve always loved the magic of a wild scenery. Also, my mind has always flourished inside great novels or being enchanted by movies. It is now obvious that my artwork is highly inspired by my childhood experiences, making me romanticize and dramatize my environment and put fantasies into the frame. The landscape is a returning location for my stories and I want to capture the natural beauty of a place but with my own twist. I like to highlight the hidden charm of an, at first sight, ordinary place.

I am currently working as a freelance photographer, available for commissions and assignments. Also, I am continuously shooting my fine-art series “Parallels”. I reside in Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, with my husband and graphic designer Andreas. I work on location without boundaries.


1_Jenny_Jacobsson_The_storm_starter 2_Jenny_Jacobsson_The_confined_souls-III 3_Jenny_Jacobsson_The_sentence 4_Jenny_Jacobsson_The_fall 5_Jenny_Jacobsson_The_blue_lake




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