Brie Seavey

 My name is Brie Seavey, and I am a creative. I have found photography to be my artistic platform in which I can combine all things that feed my soul with happiness: fashion, beauty, nature, creating, and storytelling through imagery.  The concept behind this piece is based on the idea of a mermaid getting lost up a river in a cold place, completely out of her element. One avenue that inspires me is to combine things that arent typically thought of in that context, such as a mermaid in cold, darkness. My shoots usually are a team effort of talents creating synergy in order to bring the concept to fruition, so I think its important to also recognize that. Here we had Eliana Vargas doing her makeup magic, Andrea Cec brought her fabulous hair skills, Christina Paige our mermaid muse, and The Fox and The Fawn contributed some beautiful jewelry pieces.

Coldandmisplaced1_brieseavey Coldandmisplaced2_brieseavey Coldandmisplaced3_brieseavey Coldandmisplaced4_brieseavey Coldandmisplaced5_brieseavey Coldandmisplaced6_brieseavey




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