Sam Ectoplasm

I am a french artist born in Marseille in 1986, currently living in Montréal, Canada. I work with pen, pencils, ink and watercolor on paper.

Through a morbid and sensual esthetics, my work takes root in the fact that the human being is a constant movement, a work in progress. I deform the anatomy as a way of expressing the transformations of the soul, the vulnerability and the complexity of the individual and the links which weave between inside and outside. The coexistence of violence, tension, control and letting go, symbolized by the flood of organic motives, allows the look of the spectator to roam and be absorbed in this poetic narration.

For more artworks, please visit :


Ectoplasm - Overflow Ectoplasm - Tryptique Ectoplasm - masquarade-net Ectoplasm - supplice de prométhée



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