Louise Palmberg

My name’s Louise, and I’m a Swedish photographer based in New York City, where I’m currently a student at the School of Visual Arts. I shoot romantic and dreamy portraits verging on the edge of surreal and uncomfortable.


A central theme in my photography is vulnerability, the removal of power and the world of dreams. For me, art production is therapeutic and a way to manipulate the past. It allows me to embrace the emotions I want to, and reject the one’s I don’t. Photography is my way to shape the past and, indirectly, who I become in the future.


Most of my work is shot and processed digitally, but I also enjoy shooting documentary photography on black and white film, and to work in the world of multimedia by using alternative processing and the scanner as a camera.

web prisming 1 wip victoria3 web victoria2 web vickashoot3web web kendra petals 2







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