An Interview With Anne Kraemer

I had the chance to ask photographer Anne Kramer some questions about her work!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself….

My name is Anne Krämer and I am a fine-art and portrait photographer from Germany. I love to capture emotions and tell stories through my images. I want you to “feel” when you have a look at my pictures.

2. Have you studied photography academically or are you self taught? Do you think that photography is a subject that can be taught?

I am self taught and I think this is the best way to find your own style. Yes I definitely think so. You just have to have the passion for beauty and photography and if so you can learn everything you have to know. There are the obvious things you can learn like camera settings and editing skills, but I think one can also learn about the right moment and having an eye for beauty.

3. How would you describe your work in one sentence?

I am a storyteller that always watches out for beauty in simple things and wants to capture the right moment, the right feeling for telling a story through a photograph.

4. What is it about photography as a medium that interests you?

I always was a very visual person. I live out my creativity with drawing and photography, but photography is the much faster version of drawing. And when I have an idea, I am very impatient. I want to see the result immediately.

5. Do you think that originality exists? Yes, but it is always a question on the point of view. Something that is original for one person can be boring and stale for the next person.

6. How much money do you spend on the production of your images and what has been the most expensive prop you have brought?

Well with my digital images I do not spend money in the production but in the equipment. The most expensive prop I have ever brought is my Canon Eos 5D Mark II. I always use it together with my 50mm 1,8 lens.

7. What is your favourite image you have created and why?

Oh my god. It is so difficult to decide. I don’t have a favourite one. But if I really had to choose one image I would chose this one: “” – it is full of magic. It was taken on an late afternoon in winter. It was freezing cold, but there was so much fog at the lake and the fields near to our house that I just had to go outside and capture the mystical atmosphere of this place.

8. How do you market your work to build up an audience? At the beginning I just had Flickr” But then I wanted to reach out to a greater audience and now I have also Facebook and Tumblr

On Facebook I am sharing some more things about my photography like features and Before&After pictures. And on Tumblr I am also sharing some analogue work and my inspirations, but Flickr is the site I really love. The Flickr community is so cool. And it is really great to talk to others that have the same passion for photography.

9. How do you manage to keep yourself motivated and coming up with new ideas?

Well, it is always a question of getting inspired. I take a lot of inspiration from nature and books I’m reading, but also from the work of other artists, not just photographers, but also painters or musicians.

10. What equipment do you use during a typical shoot and how important do you think it is to have expensive equipment?

Normally I use my Canon Eos 5D Mark II with my 50mm 1,8 lens. I also have some analogue cameras, i.e. my Canon AE-1 and a Polaroid land camera. But use them more for memories and documenting life. I don’t think that expensive equipment is really important. If you have an eye for the right things, your camera doesn’t have to be the best one at the beginning. Sometimes a picture also has more of a special mood when it is taken with a simple analogue camera with some little defects. Maybe later one some photographers want to have some special features, but they are not indispensable.

11. Can anyone be a photographer?

You can learn the most things about photography but I think you really have to have the passion. But this does not only count for photography. It counts for everything you do. If you don’t have the passion for something, don’t do it, because mostly the result will not be good.

12. Is there anything about being a photographer you don’t like?

Getting up at 4 am, because of the special light at sunrise, and jumping around in the snow wearing nothing more than a little dress. Sometimes it can be hard, but if you really want a special picture – just don’t be a whiner. 😀

13. What are you currently working on and do you have and future projects you’d like to share?

I am working on some pictures of a shot I did some time ago – stay curious!

14. Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Oh yes, dare more and don’t give up!


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