Alejandro, better known as “Seitan”, is a 21 year old illustrator raised in Medellín, Colombia.

I’ve always felt the need to tell stories through my illustrations, it has been a duty since I realized that as I draw, I’m interpreting what I feel and what I understand of reality. 

My process is mixed, I can draw with sanguine pencils or wax crayons, technical pens, permanent or water-based markers and very often with common ballpoint pens. I draw on different kinds of paper, generally in smaller formats.  Sometimes I color them digitally and from time to time I transform the sketches into vector art. I have developed a technique nourished with details, with different kinds of lines, taking care of each stroke.

The themes of my illustrations are varied. I can illustrate the love that goes through a ghost of the past, who dies placidly in his short flight, or I can illustrate animals with antique and modern goods, which in turns creates interesting characters. I specially like elements such as skulls, candles, diamonds, birds, flowers, old symbols from different cultures and illustrative typography. 

I’m thankful for the opportunity to show my work and I want to invite you to look carefully at the details in my illustrations.

Fvck, 2014 Nite, 2014. Quick Pieces. 2014. Rlly, 2014 Valeria, 2013


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